Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollywood in a box, Polaroid

Walking the streets with stars under our feet,  
Hollywood is the place to be,  
we set our sights on the hollywood sign and tried to get as close as we could, so we set off into the hollywood hills.

The city that never sleeps
this is the view of hollywood from the top of the hollywood hills, 
the city of lights makes the night look like day

A Mc Griddle - take two pancakes soak them in maple syrup , place a meat paddy, two slices of cheese  bacon and egg. 
all i want is fresh fruit and vitamins 

i had to fight this guy off for the last of my Mc Griddle

Morning traffic

handfuls of fun

Jesus chilling out next to Ozzy Osborne 's star

Instillation on Rodeo Drive 

Mountain view's from the Freeway 
As the sun starts to set, we head to an amazing lil mexican place a lil way off hollywood boulevard, best mexican i've ever had, also frequent spot for adam sandler.

Stay tuned many a good night to come

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