Thursday, January 27, 2011

Katie Cloud Catcher and the Bag Raiders

A night of Nights, time of our lives, what ever way you want to try describe when it Kates and JL's 21st its going to be an epic night, and celebrating with the bag raiders icing on the good times cake!

The beautiful Katie Cloud Catcher Greets us at the door and with people already spilled out onto the stairs we know its looking good, with happy birthday greetings flying everywhere, where quickly filling kates cup for her birthday drink,  us boys rock in baggy as ever, and the fun kicks off

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDS! 21 years young
so everyone grabs a cup and starts getting loose

 we are jumped up on the table getting our dance on... not a single good dance move i must say

Strobe lights is going off haha cheers again to Red Bull for hooking up the drinks for the night not to mention the mint ice bucket,

what time is it? BAG RAIDERS TIME

BAG RAIDERS set the mood with a few of there sick tunes, shooting stars drops and everyone goes wild..

as double vision starts to kick , we find Kenny Winehouse  and duck down the hallway and into one of the rooms

i  have a quick hit of sum tequila and to the dance floor we go

what a great night, special mention to Kate and JL on there special day, bag raiders for the sick tunes and  red bull for the hook ups,
next we head up north for some motocross and some farm to forrest fun

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